We are looking for male & female entertainers, to be part of the worldwide entertainment service we offer called Flash-O-Grams.com

You must have the following:

A) Good camera or cell phone to take sharp looking videos

B) Email address so we can send you the job details and you can send us the videos for the customer

C) Be able to take fun entertainment videos of yourself ( entertainment videos only, we don't offer X rated videos )

D) Have a bank account so Flash-O-Grams.com can pay you directly



Flash-O-Gram video required:

So if you have the above and want to start working from home having fun and making money, then send Lisa a one-minute video of you doing a full entertainment Strip Flash-O-Gram to info@flash-o-grams.com

Must be a full-length video of you doing an entertainment strip only, showing your full front and back, along with you saying the following words in your video:

( Welcome to Flash-O-Grams.com, we are a worldwide entertainment business that knows how to put a smile on your friend's face ).

We require the above to be done and sent to make sure you can be entertaining and able to say what the customer may want in a personalized video that will be sent to their friend, may it be wishing them a happy birthday to congratulations on their new job.

As we are an online business treat this as your interview, so make it look sharp and hot, once Lisa has viewed your entertainment video, she will email you back.
Once you have passed your interview Lisa will send you the Flash-O-Grams.com business terms of trade so you can start receiving work.

With our customers being located worldwide and you being able to work from home when you want, this makes Flash-O-Grams the perfect job.